At Green Energy Technologies we only use the finest materials in the industry which allows us to continue to produce superior commercial coil products. Copper, Aluminum are just a few of the many materials we use, allowing us to fabricate commercial HVAC coils for any application. Protective coatings for corrosive environments play a huge role in the life span of your HVAC coil and we are committed to providing our customers with the right coating for their particular application. With experience in a wide range of heat transfer design, consulting, sales, and commercial coil manufacturing facilities, we offer versatility to every project. Green Energy Technologies is able to provide expedited production for emergency and time sensitive orders.

We work with a wide array of clients including Engineers, Municipalities, Private Sector Companies, Government Organizations, Colleges, Universities, and OEM Companies to provide dedicated knowledgeable support to industry professionals. Green Energy offers reliable service to all of our business partners. As Green Energy Technologies evolves, we continue our pursuit of excellence.

  • Green Energy Technology (GET) is focused on green energy products and services.
  • Our aim is to have a green world. We specialize in using technology to the optimum level and save energy.
  • GET has been setup to focus on process technology and components for sophisticated production processes in various end market applications.
  • In each of its business areas, GET’s aim is to be recognized by its customers as market and technology leaders as well as a top innovator.
  • In the GCC, major energy is consumed for HVAC applications. We at GET have taken the initiative to use smart innovative ideas to reduce the consumption of energy by utilizing waste energy.

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